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  • February 13, 2014 – Dr. Dahl Testifies: “Fraud Working Group Has Left Out the Health Care Providers”
    Watch this critical testimony where Dr. Dahl (Doctor’s Lodge Network) questions the Final Recommendations of the MN Senate Fraud Working Group as omitting any discussion with health care providers in an open meeting.

    The providers are getting beat up so badly, there won’t be any doctors treating any accident victim patients because they’re not getting paid.

    Ripple-Out Effect – Dr. Dahl’s testimony gets immediately recognized and adopted by the health care practitioner community.

    Letter from Keith Pendleton, JD to Ms. Maryann Campo based on Dr. Dahl’s testimony. Mr. Pendleton makes three recommendations for Doctor’s Lodge Network and Other Health Care Organizations. States Pendleton, “…[D]uring the meeting, an individual stated to the Working Group Senators that allowing severability of the medical claims would prevent patients from separately arbitrating all other claims – that patients only have "one bite at the apple." [This is] not what Minnesota law says…”

    Letter from Dr. Ted Harrison, DC to MN Senate Fraud Working Group regarding Senate final recommendations.