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Introducing the Doctor's Lodge Network!

  • Want to be part of a professional chiropractic network that empowers you, your practice, and your profession?
  • Want to collaborate and synergize with other chiropractors?
  • Want to be part of a solution that delivers a better economic and professional environment to practice in, not an onlooker seeing the same old problems that never change?
  • Don't feel that the current offering represents you or your interests, or is too expensive without any perceived benefit?
  • Are you looking for a way to contribute your inspired ideas to advance chiropractic?
  • Want to be informed about issues that no one is telling you about?



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  • Special Sessions ONLY
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$199 per year

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  • Special Sessions
  • All Weekend CE Lectures
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The goal of the Doctor's Lodge Network is to represent the 75% of the chiropractors in Minnesota who are not members of any organization and who don't feel that the current offering is adequately representing their needs or interests…, and the 25% who may be and should be interested in an additional solution to improving the current state of chiropractic!

The Doctor's Lodge Network Newsletter and Seminars will keep you informed with total transparency, free and clear of underlying or hidden agendas! We will continuously use these tools for polling you – the chiropractor – for your opinions, needs, and interests to create benefits that have real value for you.

The Doctor's Lodge Network is founded by an established winner who has been making concrete advancements for chiropractic in the courts.

Your membership covers a minimum of 5 “all-you-can-eat” seminars or more for the year – your “smorgasbord of knowledge” – as well as all of your MBCE CE Credit needs! No expense is spared!

We provide the best clinical and business seminars in the country!

We invite nationally-recognized chiropractic speakers! Terry Yochum, DC, Dan Murphy, DC, James Cox, DC, Rob Jackson, DC, Charles Davis, DC, to mention just a few!

Our business seminars focus on how to GROW YOUR PRACTICE, GET PAID, AND REDUCE RISK!

Plus many other benefits!